Commerce.AI: Empowering Companies with Deep Product Intelligence

Commerce.AI: Empowering Companies with Deep Product Intelligence

Andy Pandharikar, CEO and Co-founder, Commerce.AIAndy Pandharikar, CEO and Co-founder
In the present age of digital domination and the ever-rising prominence of social media, consumer preferences are reshaping brand marketing at an unprecedented scale. Shoppers now carry out extensive online research before making any purchase. Alongside, with the advent of a huge amount of business data, it is no longer feasible for brands and retailers to continue to use manual processes for forecasting industry trends or planning marketing strategies. The changing facets of the product market demand businesses to explore more tactful ways of executing branding and digital marketing campaigns. Architecting the path for streamlined business intelligence, Commerce.AI leverages artificial intelligence to empower companies with enhanced product data and actionable insights, enriching product performance and driving better business results.

According to Andy Pandharikar, co-founder and CEO of Commerce. AI, technology has the power to accelerate everything that it touches. He says, “While AI has been revolutionary in transforming the face of many industries, nowhere else does it seem truer than what it has ushered for the consumer product market.” Companies can leverage AI to improve their brand relevance and customer-centricity. Catering mainly to product-based companies, Commerce. AI uses deep learning to provide businesses with detailed product insights, market intelligence, and catalog optimization.

Most product marketers believe that monitoring customer feedback is crucial to ensure eminence in the market. “Category-leading products have been continually utilizing consumer feedbacks to their advantage” mentions Pandharikar. Commerce.AI’s modus operandi involves providing product companies with a hawk-eye view of the consumer market— feedback, behavior, and changing trends— which they can effectively distill and turn into real insights that drive product sales. Driven to provide such in-depth insights, Commerce.AI’s deep learning platform evaluates product data, helping merchants derive deeper product knowledge and observe product sentiments to formulate new commerce strategies.

Commerce.AI uses deep learning to provide businesses with meticulous product insights, market intelligence, and catalog optimization

Not only is the platform instrumental in exploring insights, but also helps users implement these results in their day-to-day workflows. For example, Pandharikar says, “Email alerts are a useful way through which our customers leverage Commerce. AI platform to proactively identify and address customer escalations related to product defects or customer satisfaction.”

Additionally, the platform’s data-type agnosticism positions them uniquely in the AI marketplace. Whether it is an image or a video with supplementary text, Commerce.AI successfully interprets the data and turns it into actionable intelligence.“One of our clients, a leading wireless router company, has been consistently attaining the top-shelf position in the marketplace with the help of our platform,” says Pandharikar. He further adds that by employing Commerce.AI, the company’s product management team has been able to increase its productivity significantly by saving several hours which were previously used to generate manual weekly reports.”

While Commerce.AI’s sole focus has been to cater to product companies, of late, the company has also been receiving requests from other industries such as financial services, gaming, and applications. While Commerce.AI foresees their future in service-based companies, for now, it is headstrong to strengthen its foothold in the product market. “Applied AI has just started taking off and its application can foray into multiple directions. While the market matures, we intend to stay focused on improving our existing offerings,” says Pandharikar.

Considering how the manual workflows in companies are gradually becoming outmoded and augmented through AI, Pandharikar states today’s AI marketplace resembles an impending storm. As AI matures and gains the ability to understand product feedback at scale, Pandharikar is confident that it would open numerous opportunities for Commerce.AI to shape the future of commerce.
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Andy Pandharikar, CEO and Co-founder

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