Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2018
Sentient Technologies: The Retail Trailblazers

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2018

Retailers today find themselves at a cross road of customer expectations. Not only do the consumers increasingly want them to offer convenient, responsive and personalized services, they also expect ever-greater ownership over their retail journeys. In their quest to optimize retail execution, retailers are seeking out for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to obtain better insights and pervade across customer journeys, supply networks, merchandizing, and marketing and commerce. According to IDC, 40 percent of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by cognitive computing and AI capabilities in the next two years to provide critical and on-time insights to the retailers.

Behind the scenes, AI is already determining which products shoppers spot and buy, and even the exact prices that they will pay for them. From manufacturing and supply chains to staffing and merchandising, retailers are using AI to meet demand, understand customers, and reduce operational costs in every spec of their retail life-cycle. From Amazon’s ambitious sans-checkout retail store “Amazon Go”, to Sephora’s use of AI for omni-channel marketing, the latest and novel innovations has made it clear that the future of retail is in the fusion of the physical and digital.

To help navigate this constantly innovation AI retail landscape, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Retail CIO Outlook narrowed the final 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers that exhibit competence in delivering advanced digital technologies to create a true retail omni-channel.

We present to you Retail CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2018.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
4R Systems Delivers assortment optimization solutions to retail enterprises by effective utilization of machine learning and advanced analytics Offers AI solutions to change the nature of work for industries including consumer retail, media and entertainment, and others
Catchoom Catchoom provides Visual Shopping solutions that make the industry cost-efficient and more customer satisfaction centric
Commerce.AI The AI platform scans across the web to provide SKU level intelligence and to automate product design and marketing workflows
Enhanced Retail Solutions Provides retail software tools and consulting services that focus on the principles of retailing―ensuring the right product is in the right stores at the right time
NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA engineers have built a deep learning machine that fits under your desk—DIGITS DevBox
Sentient Technologies Sentient Technologies’ Aware is an AI-powered shopping experience designed for the mobile-first world
Snap2Insight Snap2Insight helps CPGs and retailers get unprecedented visibility into retail execution
VoyagerLabs Developing a pioneering AI-based technology that enables organizations to obtain actionable, granular insights from the vast ocean of unstructured data
ZYLOTECH Delivering an effective, personalized customer experience-increasing sales and customer retention